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Chloe & maggie

Chloe & maggie
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Our carer has left as we care considered to have had enough help..so fingers crossed that Andi will be ok and we can get on with things..its a shame for her to leave after 2 years of having her..she felt like part of the family and we all cried when we said goodbye and gave her chocs and flowers and a picture of us all :)
If we ever need to make another self referal we can if we need it.
Here is a piccie of Chloe and our lovely Maggie!

5th Sep, 2008

Liam has left to go to school! The bus stop is 2 minutes away outside Liam close of all places :lol: he got on there is 3 people in the bus watching the children he said he felt sick and didnt want to go and was really upset almost in tears i said to him that he will be fine and that i was a little bit nervous too but that he will make loads of new friends, the bus picks him up at 8:20am and drops him back at 3:15pm.
I did almost put him on the wrong bus :o a bus pulled up saying school bus Liam walked on and i said waterloo school? the man said no sorry i took Liam off and then an actual waterloo school bus pulled up :oops: :oops: :lol:

Chloe is now crying saying bus with Liam :( but we have friends coming over today so iam sure that will cheer her up, cant wait for Liam to come home and tell me all about his day :D


Liam is home now and he had a great day he loved it and was a good boy! he just said that it takes a long time on the bus lol Chloe didnt miss him too much as she had a nap from 10-12 then friend came over to play and we went shopping and picked up the photo's that Chloe won in her comp and brought Chloe some new clothes while fiona picked up some food shopping :)

Liam came back with a nice black school bag with a blue weekly behaviour record slip that changes every week and tells us how he has been how many minutes he has got and how many credits towards golden time and when he has made up the time he gets a choice between playing with an air hockey table or playing on the wii..how cool is that!  
anyway great day and he is off for swimming lessons now..iam shattered..too much info for one day and i have a bad headache iam hoping it will go soon


Andi did his arundel run

he did it in 50 minutes 54 secs and he was a bit gutted as he normally runs in the 40's but it was uphill and very muddy!! and raining again lol so i think he done really well. He got a trophy at the end and during the race they had craft fair's on so me Chloe and Joy went and looked around while my dad looked after Liam for me :)
Here is a video of Andi starting and finishing..Abdi told Liam to shout gonads so he is at the end.


Next run is the great south run in october he is running it for headway because they have helped him out loads over the years with his rehabilitation.


long time no post!!!

..half term has been a nightmare! even with a carer its still so stressfull but the carer was good though and it wouldve been more stressfull without one but iam glad he will be starting school next friday and iam so excited about him starting this new EBD school :)  iam also a bit nervous for him and i know he will probably have a few bad times at first but i just hope this will help him so much more.
Chloe hasnt been too good she is looking very pale is much lighter in weight and is doing 8-7 watery poo's a day! :shock: but we had the hospital today and her doctor Dr millard at st mary's said she agree's with me its a bowel problem now! at last :roll: so we are putting soya back in her diet.. so now she is just dairy, egg, fish, potato and tomato free and she has forwarded us on to a gut doctor at the same hospital called dr wozniac.. she is rushing us through an appt to see him as Chloe is doing poo's too often and they took bloods today to test for anemia and to see if she is allergic to dust house mites we will have results back in 2 weeks.
She is also copying the letter to the doctor at southampton to get us an appt there again. They are also going to start her on something called benefiber to see if this will help her bowels but on a plus side her ezcema is a bit better at the moment which is good :) so all the creams must be working she is on cetraban, doublebase and epaderm.

On bank holiday monday Andi took Liam to see pompey play at fratton park it was Liam's first football match and he loved it!! so Andi is pleased about that lol
We also got her into a brilliant pre-school called glenhurst http://www.glenhurstschool.co.uk/welcome_nursery.htm we went and spent 3 hours there and paid the deposit for her place and picked up her book bag and shoe bag and we will be going to the music time group every weds to get her used to the place before she starts on 6th jan just before her 3rd birthday. In december we will do a few just Chloe on her own for 30 mins so she is used to me not being there.. then i want to sort out her uniform with the right size..i wonder if they will do a dinky size lol its just a polo shirt with the school name on it and a jumper aswell she can wear whatever skirt she likes. They are fine with her allergies and epi-pen etc... as they have other children like that there which is good and also the little girl who beat Chloe for overall winner of that baby comp goes to school there!! i guess we do live in a small place though :)

Anyway Andi is running his arundel 10k tomorow and it says bad thunderstorms so fingers crossed it wont be too bad but me and the kids are going and my dad is meeting us there from worthing to help with Liam but i hope Andi gets a good time again :)

Will hope to update more once Liam is back at school


Liam is 8!!!!!!!!

I cant believe my oldest is 8 tomorow!! i would say it makes me feel old now but im 26 so i cant really say that although i feel more like 40 lol he was born at 7:34pm weighing 9lb 4oz and now he is a big lad pic here:

We are taking him to chessington which should be good and will keep him under control with his special needs as there will be alot to do lol and as he is registered disabled we get to queue jump which will be good as i couldnt see him queueing for ages lol
Cant wait to see the new sea life centre bit and also dora the explorer and angelina are going to be there and power rangers and the gladiators so he is uber excited!!

i think im just as excited!!! lol


gorgeous blue yarn

gorgeous blue yarn
Originally uploaded by hanna_ramsay
Been dyeing some more yarn lately this blue one if for michelle on CNA and its for trims on her longies to matching the colour blue in the yarn i dyed for her before :)
The pinks and ice blue one is gorgeous and is for gemgem on CNA will give it to her on monday at gym tots..hope she likes it. i have to add the pink one like this because i cant upload any other pics?!
whooooooooooooooooo iam so pleased i got a phonecall this morning saying that Liam has been accepted to the waterloo school which was our preferred school :) i was so pleased i cried down the phone to the parent partnership lady who told me and poor gemma was here too..sorry gemma i bet you thought i was mad :lol:
I have just phoned up the waterloo school and we can take Liam in tomorow to have a look around and pick up the uniform which for the first time is free..so they must lose them alot to offer the first free :lol:
Iam so excited to see Liam look around tomorow as he really wanted out of mainstream school..this is the new school that he will start in september: http://www.waterloo.hants.sch.uk/

whooopppeeeeee i cant stop smiling :) sorry i know alot of you would have already seen this posted on CNA lol

Iam so glad we are at the end of this now as i have nearly walked out, thought i was going mad at some point as i couldnt cope with everything and poor liam being excluded all the time was a nightmare! iam so proud of myself for sticking with it and requesting the statement myself because the bloody school did nothing to help..iam deciding wether to actually tell bosmere..i might just wait untill the last day then say oh by the way he isnt coming back etc...that will teach them! hehe


Had a great birthday!!!

My mum stayed and it was fab the school fair was fab and bumped into a friend i havent seen for ages and never met her youngest yet! but i have now and we are going to meet up in the holidays :)
I won a bottle of wine and Liam won a beer lol he also had his face painted into a skull and Chloe met a fireman..Andi said that is the last time a fireman will hold her pmsl
Had a takeaway in the evening and watched the movie Zodiac which was great and today went to the park and said bye to mum..
I got a dvd recorable player thingy, perfume, lots of smellies, and vouchers for clothes and a radley bag and wallet whoooooo :)
Iam so grateful to all my family anf friends who send cards and text me..thankyouuuuuuuuu


Doctors went ok....

...she said that Liam and Chloe's arms have cleared up so no more anitibiotics yay :) and my mum is coming tomorow to stay for the weekend as it is my 26th birthday tomorow and Liam's old infant school have a strawberry fair every year so we are going to that and then will have a takeaway with my mum in the evening :)
So will be a great day even if it does rain..which is what it is doing right now...plus my washine has broke..so i will have a look at the filter later in case anything has got stuck!
Why in this weather when it is warm but raining and all dark do i get these horrible pressure headaches..they make me feel so tired *yawns*


Chloe in her pickle paints top

Thank you Chloe we love the top :)